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brand storytellers

Hello! We are Boch & Fernsh. Today, customers prefer brands that have personality, values and a tone of voice. Our experience in curating stories can unlock your brand’s potential.


any style or purpose

Masters of under 2 minute videos

Videos are a must for a brand’s marketing arsenal and a vital part of the content marketing strategy. We curate and produce video content to build a strong digital share of voice.


build your online persona

Social media curation

Formerly, it was considered a nice-to-have activity, it has now become the hotbed for ecommerce, conversion and brand perception. We can curate and promote your social media personality on several platforms.


Intuitively designed

Web & App presence

Marketing is about perception and conversion and a brand’s website and its app is where it all converges. Our experience is UI/UX and nifty content delivers just that!


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